Pricing for any day may change based on availability and date.

If tickets are sold out online, additional tickets may be available at the water park, dependent upon availability. If tickets are sold out both online and at the water park, a waitlist will be started. 

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1 Epic Splash Birthday Party - Event Information
$600.00 up to 10 guests
$45.00 per additional guests
$45.00 per 1 adults over 2
Max 24 guests
    The EPIC SPLASH Party includes the following:
  • Full-day admission for 10 Party Guests (Birthday Child included in the 10)
  • Full-day admission for 2 Chaperones
  • Return ticket for the Birthday Child
  • Dedicated party host
  • 1.5 hour in Party Room
  • Name on digital display board
  • Choice of hamburger, pizza or hot dog, or chicken fingers meal
  • Pitchers with two choices of drink during party
  • Gift for the Birthday Child
  • $15 Arcade Card for Each Party Guest
  • Additional Party Guests: Starting at $35 each
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